Direction – WED Program


Direction – WED Program

Being a teenager is hard. Being the parent of a teenager is hard.

“There aren’t any other places,
in the seven years dealing with mental health issues,
that I’ve seen like this…it’s a place where kids feel
safe enough to work on their issues”
– Mary C.

The good news is your child will grow out of his or her teenage troubles at some point. The bad news is it probably won’t be today or tomorrow. In any case, they need your help – you’re in this together.

“Direction has literally changed my life.
I was on an unhealthy spiral that was hurting me.
Now, I’m back to my happy self and keeping myself safe.”
– Katie W.

If you’re like most parents, you need help, too. While waiting for your children to grow out of their troubles, you have probably wondered, “What can I do in the meantime?”

We have a suggestion.

“Your program has proven to be
a great source of hope for our family.
It has given our son a new outlook on life
and a strength from within that I did not know he had…
No words could express the gratitude that we feel to you all.”
– Lisa S.

After six years and serving over 2,000 families, we are more confident than ever that the rich educational experience available in our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) would benefit many more adolescents and families than we have been able to reach, simply due to financial limitations.

To address this problem, we are offering a new service: Direction’s WED Program. This service is offered to adolescents who do not require the psychiatric component of our program (i.e. those who are already stable on medication or who do not require medication at all), but who wish to access the other enormously beneficial services our PHP and IOP provides to families struggling with all manner of behavioral challenges, including addiction, anxiety, depression, impulsivity, and violence.

“Direction really did help me start to turn my life around…
it’s helped me get a long with my family better,
thanks to the Guidelines (I still have two copies Joe gave me
for when I need them and have even used them for family meetings).
I met some of my best friends at Direction…
Also it helped me restrict people from my life
that have been hurting me…
I thank everyone at Direction so much.”
– Sean S.

Simply stated, Direction’s WED Program offers the same exact experience as our PHP or IOP, with the sole exception of access to the psychiatrist, for a significantly reduced daily rate. One-way Transportation, Wholeistic EducationGroups, and access to our Parenting Groups, are all included services.

“I feel like a new person after Direction.
I’ve never felt this comfortable in a place.”
– Marisa B.

If you would like to learn more about Direction’s WED Program, please contact our Nashua Office at 603-880-8188.

“Direction has been so wonderful and educational.
I loved all the counselors…and the Guidelines have helped me so much.
I am a changed person…my life is so much easier. I love you all!”
– Sandrine C.

“Direction has helped me out so much!…
you have to love the staff. They’re all amazing…
– Danny B.