“Direction has literally changed my life, I was on an unhealthy spiral that was hurting me. Now I am back to my happy self and keeping myself safe. I love Direction!” – Katie – 03/09/10

“I feel that Direction can help any problem, whether it be big or small. Any teen in need of guidance and support is welcome and even if you don’t need it, it will still teach you a lot.” – 03/09/10

“Direction has helped me so much… Direction is helping me everyday, and every week. Plus, you have to love the staff. They are all amazing and will listen to anything you have to talk about or whatever is on your mind/bothering you. I love Direction!” – Danyelle – 03/09/10

“I was at Direction not too long ago and I started thinking about how much it helped me start to turn my life around. And actually has helped me find my own ways to be happy…it’s helped me get a long with my family better, thanks to the guidelines (I still have two copies Joe gave me for when I need them and have even used them for family meetings). It’s helped me meet people that have shown me how great my life really can be. It even got me addicted to Clif Bars! I met some of my best friends at Direction, I felt more accepted there then I did even with some of my “friends”. Also it helped me restrict people from my life that have been hurting me. It helped me realize I do deserve better then to let people hurt me. And I thank everyone at Direction so much. So thank you.” – Sean – 03/15/10

“I feel like a new person after Direction. I’ve never felt this comfortable in a place. I especially love the counselors that work here! I’ve made so many friends that I will keep in touch with after Direction.” –03/17/2010

“Direction has been so wonderful and educational. I loved all the counselors and advice I was given. The guidelines have influenced me very much as a person, I feel I am a changed person in a good way. My life has been so much easier. Thank you so much for everything. Thanks to Joe and his help. I love you all!” –Sandrine – 03/24/2010

“Direction is an awesome place! At first I didn’t want to go, but once I went right from the first day I loved it! It is a great place to meet people and work on things.” – Samantha – 06/09/2010

“This place is fantabulous! You feel so much better when you first come in to when you leave. It’s a good place!” -Hollywood – 06/09/2010

“Direction Behavioral Health opened a door and allowed our son to walk through. The program reinforced he is not alone, that he is understood and loved. He is on the right track, still healing however, for the first time in a very long time we are hopeful that our son is moving in the right “Direction” again. – Mary – 09/12/10

“I have highly recommended this program… To this day, my daughter continues to drop in and say hi, and let them know of the progress she is making… If I had to do this all over again, Dr. Gill and the staff at DBHA would be the first place I would contact.” – Maureen – 09/14/10

“This program helped me through a lot of problems. It helped me make a lot of decisions like going back to school. I wish I could stay longer.” – 
Anthony – 11/24/10

“Much like most people forced into court ordered counseling, I was incredibly reluctant to be a part of the Direction program; however, after only three visits, my mind had been changed. I had gone to numerous psychiatrists and counselors and I lost faith that anyone could help me. Then I learned about Direction and how differently they operate. I was surprised to see the high levels of respect and the effectiveness of the group discussions. My favorite part about the staff at Direction is their respectful honesty. I appreciate that they do not agree with everything everyone says like most regular therapists.” 
– Starr 12/07/10

“When I come here I feel like I can take a step back and that I have some time to problem solve. So when I go back to the problems I know how to handle them.” – Richie – 01/07/2011

“Everyone deserves good things, and Direction is a good thing.” – Tom – 03/08/2011

“Direction has been a life saver for my daughter and myself. I spent years looking for help for my daughter and nothing seemed to work, not hospitals, not doctors, and then I found Direction. I cannot say enough about them. They not only helped my daughter on a path to recovery, but they had support and help for me as well. I thought I would lose my child. They are angels. Thank you.” – Deborah – 01/11/11

When I first came to Direction, I didn’t think this would help and change me. I was depressed and wasn’t really open. I gave it a try and after a while I felt a little better. I made a lof of friends here, cooked for everyone…I loved to make everyone happy. Now my time is up and I’m going away to college in Connecticut. I have grown into an adult and wouldn’t ever regret coming here. Thank you for everything Direction!” – Jeff 06/07/2011

“In all honesty this has helped me so much. I’ve learned skills, I’ve learned about myself and about the world. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for helping me through this. If I can get through it, everyone can. Stay strong.” – Alli 07/21/2011

“Direction is a great program. It really helped me through a tough point in my life and I am thankful to have met the life-changing people that I did. Thank you so much to everyone there” – 08/16/2011

“DBHA is a family to pull you through when it seems impossible. The program has been more helpful than anything else in my 18 years of life. I wish I could come forever, I’ll always fall back on what I’ve learned here. The Guidelines will be a tool I use from now on.” – Alexandra – 08/17/2011

“I have the most extreme anxiety and I didn’t want to go to group therapy because I have a history of being bullied. I walked in on day one and got 2 high fives and a hug. It has been nothing but uphill from there! Never have I experienced an environment as relaxed, casual and above all SAFE! I will walk out on my last day wishing I could stay forever, but I have tools and skills now that will allow me to do anything. My life has definitely changed forever.” – Patrick – 01/28/2013